The basic medical sciences program at ILKKM Sg Buloh is a combination of four subunits; anatomy unit, basic medical science unit, behaviour science unit & communication science unit. The program provides the opportunity to learn and understand the interrelationship between the basic and clinical medical sciences and to explore one or more of the disciplines in depth. These disciplines are concerned with the study of the healthy human body. The knowledge of these foundational sciences is essential for allied health practice. Therefore, it is critical that allied health professional students be well-grounded in these basic sciences for them to have an in-depth understanding of the structure and function of the healthy human body. After that, they will be exposed to the study of diseases and finally to the study of diagnoses and treatment of disorder to ensure wellness.

Program Teaching Responsibilities


Diploma In Physiotherapy

Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Diploma in Environmental Health

Diploma in Nursing

Diploma In Radiography & Radiotherapy

Certificate in public health assistant

Post Basic

Advance Diploma

Academic staff

  • Anatomy Unit

Pn. Suria Binti Mohd Shahid (Head of Unit)

En. Amierul Bin Sharudin

Pn. Norazurashima Binti Jamaludin

Pn. Malinda Kaur A/P Chanan Singh

Pn. Yogeswari A/P Renganathan

Pn. Nordianna Binti Seman

En. Hermizan Bin Halihanafiah (Study Leave)

  • Basic Medical Science Unit

Pn. Norashikin Binti M. Noor Azmi

Pn. Nur Azida Binti Abas

Pn. Nooralifah Binti Jali

Pn. Mazlinna Binti Muhammad

Pn. Ismaliza Binti Isa (Maternity Leave)

Pn. Salina Binti Mohd Yunus (Study Leave)

  • Behavioural Science Unit

Pn. Rozanna Binti Ali

En. Zulfadli Bin Abdul Majid

Pn. Rohayu Binti Yasir

Pn. Maznah Binti Mat Zain

Pn. Jamizah Binti Zuki

  • Communication Science Unit

Pn Nur Amani Binti Abdullah

En. Ahmad Akram Bin Razlan

En. Halimi Bin Muhamad Rusli

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