Research Management Centre (RMC) ILKKM Sg Buloh (previously known as Research Interest Group, RIG) is a professional groups of Academic Staff who dedicate their time, effort and focus towards the research project and development of new findings in medical, allied health and scientific field. There are over 20 personnel who being appointed as RIG members to steer the direction towards research and development in Allied Health Education, professionals development and scientific discovery. We work independently with the Support and Collaboration from multiple organization namely KESUKEB, BPL and Ministry of Health Malaysia. Click link below for more details:


  1. President/ Editorial Director – Syazwan AI (MCIEH, MSC, EOH)
  2. Vice President I – Sharizan MK (MSC, RN)
  3. Vice President II – Norazurashima J (MSc, BioMed)
  4. Secretary I – Laila Shafitri MR (MSC, ROT)
  5. Secretary II – Nurfaeishah MK (MSC, ROT)
  6. Treasury – Ullmazleiney A (MSC, RR)


  1. Editorial Manager I – Zalena MN (MSc, EOH)
  2. Editorial Manager II – Siti Nurul Ain S (MSc, EOH)
  3. Editorial Manager III – Zakira (MSc, RN)
  4. Chief Editor I – Norazlin Manap (MSc, RN)
  5. Website/ ICT I – Halimi MR (MSc, RR)
  6. Website/ ICT II – Faiz (MSc, RPT)


  1. Special Project (Sponsorship) – Amierul S (MSc, BSc, BioMed)
  2. Special Project (Training/ Workshop) – Zuriyah S (MSc, EOH, EHO)
  3. Continuous Professional Development (CPD)/ Others – Jamizah Z (MSc, RN)
  4. Special Project (Publication/ Scientific Program) – Hermizan H (MSc, BioMed)
  5. Special Project (Professional Courses) – Hayati (MSc, RN)
  6. Special Project (Clinic/ Services) – Norsyazlin (MSc, RN)
  7. Special Project (Consultation/ Services) – Fadhilah T (MSc, RR)

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